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Al-Manara for Maintenance Workshop Management:
Al-Manara for Maintenance Workshop Management has a complete system for receiving and following up the repairing orders, and issue bills for customers, and follow up the purchase bills for spare parts and fuel and others, with the possibility of issuing an estimated cost, and view an instant price about the required repairs before the fault device entering to the workshop, and issue reports that clarify the workshop\'s productivity and the success rate achieved daily.

Al-Manara for Exchange and Transfers:

Al-Manara for Exchange and Transfers is considered a flexible system and a complexity free. It has the possibility of selecting more than one method for transfer fee account, with the possibility of modifying anytime, and assign a certain fee rate for each side with the possibility of modifying too, and all of these options can be controlled according to the user's wish, in addition to deposits operations, and easy to deal with customers’ accounts and checks, and generating the accounting entries automatically, with the possibility of searching for a specific deposit through a special window. 

Al-Manara for Manufacturing Management:
Through Al-Manara for Manufacturing Management, we can use an integrated model which are previously defined, and can be modified to calculate the cost of product manufacturing in each time according to its raw materials changes. The different reports allow to monitor the cost of product manufacturing, and present a clear picture to put a successful plan for production.

Al-Manara for Human Resources Management:
It allows to develop the work system within the company, it includes manage and store data that is related to employees, to raise the regulation level with the minimal effort. And a big flexibility in determining the accounting effects through follow up the daily work, and evaluate the productivity of each employee, etc.

Al-Manara for Distribution Management:
It introduces integrated solutions to track the company representatives path through GPRS, where we can organize the traffic paths for each representative and assign rounds belongs to him, with the possibility to view them with detailed reports. It also has the feature to work on Pocket PC, and smart phones (Android). 

Al-Manara for Hotels and Furnished Apartment Management:
It's easy in entering data, which makes the booking is more flexible and clear. In addition to the full linking with the accounting system within Al-Manara program, that allows to view detailed reports about the total bookings, and guest’s data with the possibility of online booking.

Al-Manara for Accounting and Stores:
Al-Manara for Accounting and Stores covers all the accounting and inventory operations for foundations and companies despite of the differences of their nature for more professional, accurate and flexible business.
Al-Manara for Fixed Assets:
Al-Manara for Fixed Assets is easy in entering data related to all of the fixed assets in the company, with the possibility of studying the movements of those assets through using illustrative reports for input, output and extras and others, which allows to know the cost of each asset and the annual average of depreciation.
Al-Manara for POS Management:
Al-Manara POS is designed to make it easy for the user to work, it has a simple and practical interface with a professional design and accurate display, which contains all of what the user needs from command buttons (sell – return – customer – discounts … etc.), with the possibility to change the work interface as required.
Al-Manara for Restaurant Management:
Al-Manara for Restaurant Management make it easy to organize the work inside the restaurant through connecting to Android devices between the user and the main server, and sending the orders easily, following up the status of each order and previewing reports for all the restaurant orders later.
Al-Manara for Pharmacies Management:
Al-Manara for Pharmacies Management offers a complete solution for the pharmacies and related stores, which contains a complete chart for medicines categorized by companies with the brand name, chemical composition, medicine code and the cost and selling prices.
Also, it supports barcode labels printing and reading, and paying with various credit cards.

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Latest News

  • 2017-04-22
    Having issued the new version No.325 of AlManara Soft
  • 2016-12-26
    Al-Manara company is pleased to announce the completion of Exchange & Transfer System for 2016
  • 2016-11-02
    Workshop on hotels accounting and real estate investment companies
  • 2016-11-02
    Al-Manara company congratulates the winners in the contest which was on our Facebook page.
  • 2016-11-02
    Al-Manara company will announce a new version 10 of Al-Manara program soon
  • 2016-11-02
    Adding employment applications to the Human Resources Management System
  • 2016-10-29
    Contribution of Al-Manara company team in projects exhibition of Computer Science department at Amer
  • 2016-10-07
    Al-Manara Soft Accounting System Version 323.03
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