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Designed (POS) points of sales system AlManara program for accounting and stores to make it easier to work on the user, It has interfaces simple and practical advantage of the design professional and accuracy in supply includes everything he needs user of buttons (sale – discards - the customer - rebates) with the possibility of changing the interface work as required.

POS system includes many features such as:

  1. Supports working on an independent devices or working on the network and do all the tasks for direct retail (shopping centers, boutiques and restaurants …etc.)
  2. Full correlation with the AlManara for accounting and management stores which facilitate the work of accounting and control of financial matters.
  3. The ability to manage more than one bill at the same time, thus no delays for customers.
  4. Special permissions related to the POS station users.
  5. The possibility of modifying the price directly in the POS window within the specific permissions of the user.
  6. The possibility of determining the default price for each POS station.
  7. Printing system barcode labels with the ability to design the label.
  8. Reset casher when switching the shifts of work.
  9. The possibility of querying about the quantity or the price of a specific item.
  10. The possibility of identify the seller for each bill.
  11. Unlimited options related to the point of sale station.
  12. You can see information about any bill.
  13. You can define more than one workstation, and more panel buttons orders and the possibility of moving between them depending on the location where you want to work in accordance with the user's permission (“A” workstation includes commands buttons related to this station, with specifying the shape of the work interface).
  14. The possibility of linking with different POS devices (touch screen, barcode printers, barcode printer's kinds, print of bills or receipts, display's the balance of price and Libra-mail and magnetic cards) with the possibility of identifying option for each device connected
  15. The possibility of identifying collect materials and make the process of synthesis output of raw materials and input material collected within a specific bills automatically through the sales process (can used when determining the components of the items) so as to facilitate the process of the assembly and disassembly which provides a lot of effort on financial management to calculate the costs
  16. Support multiple printers where they can print on more than one printer at the same time with the possibility of identifying materials for each printer to save time between departments of the company.
  17. The possibility of the adoption local and international currencies.
  18. Support system rebates for materials and seasonal items and special discounts for subscriber's cards and VIP
  19. The possibility of POS system to modify the interface work in an easy and unlimited method.
  • Select buttons for sections and groups and items in full details with a picture to each group and item.
  • The possibility of identify the favorites items within a special toolbar.
  • The possibility of identifying unlimited commands buttons within the commands buttons card where the card is being defined and identified within a point of sale station
  • The possibility of identifying a particular favorite command buttons for users.
 21. POS system include extra help process to facilitate the payment process:
  • The possibility to do payment and receipt process through POS by payment and receipt order linked with the account
  • The ability to pay in more than one currency for the same bill.
  • Support paying the bill in more than one method and at the same time (cash - check - credit card - futures - free) with the link of each payment method with a special account that is being selected in the payment methods cards
  • The possibility to discount of credit card commissions and post it to the accounts directly
  • The possibility of automatic rounding according to rounding method which is being selected within the options.
  • The ability to make the discounts within the permissions granted to the user.

22. POS system includes many important reports such as:

  • Reports and statements of the accounts for the total and detailed sales to every point during a specified period.
  • Detailed inventory and total reports.
  • Item movement reports.
  • Accounting reports to know customers debit that must be collected.
  • Statistical reports.
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