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AlManara program for accounting ,hotel  management ,and furnished apartments


1-Technical features:

  • Working within Microsoft Windows environment, and can be used by more than one user at the same time.

  • Available in Arabic and English and can be converted into any language by the user, which makes it a flexible program in the technical aspects for the user.

  • The program uses the Microsoft SQL Server database and it is one of the strongest global databases, due to its strength in terms of security and speed in action.

  • The Program is working on a local network LAN within workgroup system or domain or extensive network WAN via the Internet or any  means of communication such as another LEASED LINE or a VPN.

  • The possibility of opening more than one company and being separated from the rest of the companies in the balance sheet, customers, and the tree of accounts.

  • The possibility of modifying the contents of the reports with the automated backup according to the selections of the Director of the system .In addition to that, the program is accompanied with tools for the maintenance of files so they can be maintained from time to time without the intervention of Technical Support Section, where this tools will audit data and make sure of its authenticity and integrity and correct errors.

  • The possibility of adding licenses (Government license -Civil Defense - etc.), and business records with dates of issuing and expiring.

  • The Program supports the Hejira and Gregorian dates.

2- Construction and branches management: 

  • Flexibility to enter the hotel or furnished apartment freely and in conformity with the reality in terms of administration and the number of floors, and the number of apartments  and elevators on each floor and, through an illustrative window that shows the building in reality.

  • The identification and the management of an unlimited number of buildings and branches, and obtaining the reports for a building or specific branch and the total of all buildings or sections.

3- The management of the rooms, apartments and suites: 

  • Recording detailed information for each apartment and the number of rooms ,bathrooms ,balconies ,the values of water and electricity meter and phone, with the possibility of storing images for them, also adding the maximum and minimum rent for the purpose of not exceed it by the receptionist.
  • Linking more than one unit together to form a larger unit as to link two bedroom to form a suite and set one lease contract.
  • Encoding different seasons of the year, set prices in advance for each season, as well as, the possibility of changing prices of renting rooms automatically, and getting the report on the modifications of prices within certain period.
  • The possibility of defining the hours of the beginning and the end of the day, as well as, the hour at which the automatic calculation for renting started.
  • The room state can be updated and the customer details are automatically added to the database at the hotel.

4-The management of renting contracts:

  • Accommodating guests by a daily or monthly or annual system or according to the choice of ending and closing the contract automatically, or transfer it to debts and overdue.
  • The possibility of setting special contracts for groups with the possibility of special discount rates for those groups.
  • The possibility of converting the accommodating system from daily to monthly system with changing the price of the day, according to the agreement with the customer.
  • The possibility of booking any room even if it was busy at that moment, in addition to, show an alert with the situation of the room and a reminder that there is booking by the name of the client and the date.
  • Organizing lease contracts, which include detailed information on the room or suite, the lessee information, and Lease Duration, with rescheduling payments on a regular basis, or according to a special plan.
  • The possibility of transferring the guest from one room to another with taking into account the difference of renting.
  • The possibility of renewing the contract automatically and closing it manually. Also calculating the owed amounts, in case of, the delay in leaving the room.
  • The possibility of automatic generating for the text of the lease according to models, which are prepared in advance.
  • The ways of payment in cash, or credit or by a credit card (Visa - Master Card - American Express, etc.).

5- Archiving guests documents:

  • Creating full cards for the lessee information including the name, nationality, special events record, date of birth, phone numbers, and recording the guest preferences and  the information of the passport. The program includes an integrated system of archiving the documents of guests that could be linked to the scanner, in order to save the documents electronically and infinite number of documents types can be added for each guest according to the need.

6- Accounting:

  • The issuance of receiving and paying entries, banks deposits and printing them.
  • The software contains a bill to sign and input the fingerprint of the lessee when he doesn't pay what is owed by him at the time of closing the contract.
  • The possibility of adding any service to the customer account in cash or on account (restaurant, laundry service, etc.).
  • All apartments and rooms are linked to the cost centers to know the profits and losses for each apartment.
  • Enerate accounting entries for all financial operations and posting them to the accounts.
  • Total accounting reports or according to a certain branch ( general ledger, trial balance, profits and losses, the budget).
  • Comparing the expenses with revenues. And viewing the profits and losses of the apartments or the rented rooms.
  • Dealing with several currencies and adding an unspecified number of currencies that can be used in the rental of apartments.
  • The presence of the choice of fixing a certain date within the setting of the system, to ensure that there is no modifications or deletion on the data.

7- The consignment and its follow-up:

  • Infinite types of Consignments that can be identified (in cash or in kind).
  • Linking every Consignment alone with a particular staff member.
  • Preparing the reports on the Consignment, their presence places, and due date.

8- Alerts and reminders:

  • The alert of the checks payable before several days of the due date and the user selects them.
  • The alert on the rental contracts which approached its completion before a number of the days of the date of completion.
  • Alert for all the apartments, which ended its rent period and have not been manually terminated (vacate the apartment) or renewed.

9- Reports and preparation:

The main objective of the program is to have access to all reports easily, and quickly so it had been provided with reports of multiple and diverse charts, which are supported by graphs to present these data to the management at all levels and special reports can be added depending on the client request also export Reports to programs (Microsoft Word, Excel) as well as sending E-mail immediately, and here Some of these reports:

  • Full report on all checks received, paid, collected, not collected, returned, and endorsed.
  • Report of the profits of the rent of apartments.
  • Full report of the apartments or rooms which are leased and non-leased, reserved and non-reserved.
  • Report on the changes of rental prices of rooms or suites.
  • Report of the revenue during a certain period of lease contracts.
  • A report on all the apartments, which reach its end of the rent.
  • Report of the apartments, which ended their contract and have not been evacuated yet.
  • Report of the rooms, which their contract have been renewed.
  • Report on the condition of the apartment (busy, under maintenance, under cleaning).
  • Match building showing the hotel apartments or furnished apartments which are leased and non-leased with the names of the tenants, with calculating automatically the amounts owed to the investor to end all contracts and endorsing checks for the investor automatically.
  • The possibility of designing bills on  Fast Report.

10- Authorities and data security:

  • An advanced users management system that allows the addition of a limited number of users and a password for each person, and to define the authorities of entry and access to information and modify at the level of each user. As you can define the reports that each user can open the independently, as well as, the possibility of add or amendment or delete any card inside the database can be defined.

11- Suns system:

  • We are working to link the program to the National touristic Information network (SUNS). The (Suns) system is considered as a mandatory system and one of the important tributaries which helps in maintaining the security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through transmitting the data of dealers with the private sector (citizens, residents) to the governmental and beneficiary security authorities; by using secure technology systems to reduce the risks of the exchange of information.
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