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The program is written in programming language Net Visual Studio C # and the data structure



is SQL Server CE And our objectives, from this project keep up with the latest regulations in the world within the work environment to keep pace with evolving needs and requirements of the client.



Settings and preliminary information on handheld devices is through the process of synchronization with ALManara for accounting and stores programe, so will be recorded item that the distributor and customers pulled who have visited it.

ALManara program for distribution consists from two elements applications:

1 - Application Administration Management Software Application
2 - Application of sales representative Mobile Application



Program parts:

Items and it include this information:


1.    Item name

2.    Item number

3.    Item barcode

4.    The group that the item belongs to it

5.    Item source

6.    Item brand

7.    Factor which product item

8.    Item class

9.    Item specifications

10. Note about item

11. There are two unit for each item

12. There are 5 prices for each unit

Also will be save the first and current item balance to delegated can see the balance of any item in any moment.


Customers and it include this information:

1.    Name

2.    Barcode (not appear-hidden)

3.    Phone, mobile

4.    Area, street, the path that customer belongs to it

5.    Note about this customer

6.    previous and current customer balance

7.    Account type: main or branch

8.    Continue account, balancing account

9.    Date and value of last credit operation

10. Date and value of last debit operation

11. Date of last movement to the account

12. The reference, nature work

13. From the additional and important features: it is select rate the maximum discount for each customer.




From the program features that records start visit date and the end visit and are not allowed to add any bill before login and prevents recorded after exit.       



1.    You can use bills to enter the sales or returns items, that through enter positive or negative for the quantity.

2.    You can enter more than one bill in one visit, and each bill support one currency.

3.    You can enter the item from it barcode or name.

4.    Quantity is entered and the price will be appearing automatically, and you can put discount at the item with specific permeation to the salesman, customer and item.

5.    You can sale in main or branch unit.

6.    You can put discount on the full bill.

7.    You can filter the bills by the positive or negative bills.

8.    When you add unavailable item will be warning the distributor or prevent the operation by setting.

9.    When you increase the customer balance to the maximum limit will be warning the distributor or prevent the operation by setting.

10. Can be set to pay cash so will be recorded the installment automatically without need to record it.


You can recode more than one payment in the same visit, and you can see the customer balance when you recorded the payment. You can filter the payments by the positive or negative payments.


This section are help the distributor to Knowledge all operation date of the customer, so will recode with it all debit and credit operation and display it to the customer with operation that done currently to can know his balance or to correct any error.

Summary movement:

It is permanent inventory to the distributor can know the total of sales bills and total received.


The program support print bills to the customer and the substance of print bills can be designed by your desire where they appear fader and footer and you can put your company logo and seal in white and black color.

The print bill includes item name, quantity, discount, and the total price of it.

Search in the program:

The search operations conducted on customers and items: they either search for name, number, or barcode.

Other permeations:

Gives each distributor many of permeations that lets him can modify customer, bill, payment, and date or not modify, and delete bill, payment, or not delete.

This permeation also can not modify by the distributor. The program protected with password to can not any one tamper with it.

If there are no label barcode in the shop or the shop in new or the label are draws, so will be enter the customer as interim customer until the next visit where they brought the label barcode to the shop.

If the device provider with GPRS so will be saved the coordinates of the place that being visitإvisit.  vice equipped. Can send bills and payments automatically during save at the customer by GPRS if the devise support this feature.

Now to download the trial version of the program please goes to the following link:

If there is any note or need more information please calling us or talk with the technical support team we are ready to receive your queries and suggestion.

Please accept our thanks



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