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Maintenance Workshops Management System


Maintenance Workshops Management System within AlManara software provides integrated solutions for workshops work, in many areas (automotive workshops - electronic maintenance, etc...), it's considered as a flexible and complexity free.

And it's an integrated system for monitoring the maintenance of any piece starting from piece entering into the maintenance workshop and customer reception process and send reforms, work orders through the various stages of maintenance and output the reforms materials from stores, and issue of comprehensive maintenance bills for the customer, which include special details about the required pieces which have been delivered to the customer and the cost of the materials that have been entered within the bills, with the possibility of reviewing of accounting statements for the customers, and get detailed reports for all stages of work.

Maintenance workshops management system consists of several sections helps in organizing and facilitate the work of workshops through the coordination of work within these sections according to specific hierarchy.

Also ensures a high quality of performance by technicians, by follow up the technicians and their daily, monthly and annual performance percentage, and monitor the work line of each technician and the actual working hours, and how long it has been taken for each reform.

Then measuring the actual repair cost, it's flexible and easy to use, so big companies and medium ones can use it, with a high flexibility in moving between users and moving from one stage the next one easily and dynamically.

Maintenance workshops management system within AlManara helps finding solutions that contribute to reduce the cost of maintenance for repairs, and thus increasing the workshop profits with a high level of safety and accuracy with the possibility of controlling the user’s privileges in each windows in the program.

Which contributes to keep away from any deviation of the standards, and thus reducing the percentage of the human errors to the minimum, considering that all data is being saved within a database which can be reviewed and returning to it at any time, also by organizing the reception and delivery things for any piece that has been fixed for the client.

Maintenance workshops management system features:

  • Integrated linking with the accounting and stores system within the program, and thus take advantage of all reports and features of the program.
  • The possibility to make discounts and additions by the customer through accounting billing and at closing the fund.
  • There is a clear manual that shows all of the repairs and models that are defined in the program.
  • The possibility of drag and drop through a window of reforms and services within the reception window.
  • The program participates in testing the company performance by showing the productivity reports and profits reports. 
  • The possibility of paying maintenance value in cash or credit with the possibility of using different payment methods.
  • Comprehensive examination of the piece with the possibility of evolution that piece after examination, and showing their own reports. 
  • There is a scheme for technicians shows the working hours for the technicians within a specific day, and showing the reform which is working on by the technician, to know the possibility of distributing a new work for the technicians or there is not possible to do that.
  • Linking the piece that is required to be fixed with item card in the program, with the possibility of linking it with one default item card to facilitate the work.
  • There is a list of orders, that we can through it show all the opened and closed orders with detailing the section in which the order is stopped in, with the possibility of controlling the interval period to refresh data though orders list, and showing those cases according to colors controlled by the user.
  • Ease of access to the bills of each order with opening and modifying those bills though orders list.
  • There is a special window to specify a start date and time, and a stop date and time for each technician within supervision window. 
  • There is a customer approval in more than one section of maintenance workshops sections. 
  • The possibility of linking maintenance system with insurance system in the program.
  • There is an archiving system, which means an integrated archive for each piece, all of reforms that have been made on the piece will show on it since the first entering to the workshop.
  • The possibility to print a Fast Report designs for sections and maintenance orders and the reports of all kinds.
  • There is a campaigns system within the maintenance workshops management system, which helps the agencies to do a free maintenance process. 
  • Multi-lingual (Arabic, English, French, Turkish, etc. ...), making it a flexible program in the technical aspects for the user.


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