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Seeking to reach the success and the continual distinction, we're pleased to announce the additions and the new features that have been added to the program, to enable our customers to use the program in the correct way and with the biggest possible benefit.

 Version number 2.0.325:

Date: 1/1/2017 

Cards and Reports:

  • Adding show options within salesmen commission report: customer name - group name - cost center - replace total price with the bill amount.
  • The possibility of selecting more than one group or item within customizing according to items to be added within the table to make it easy for the user.
  • Adding a design to the bills contains the paid and the remained amount and payments details (cash - visa - master - etc...) within the default bills designs.
  • Adding the length and the width within customer/supplier.
  • Adding the maximum amount for bearing according to security policy.

Human Resources System

  • Adding Fast Report design for allocations report
  •  Adding search report about attachment of the job applications
  • Adding the employee evaluation page: contains fields according to the attached file (employment application evaluation) as well as the evaluation date and the supervisor that did the evaluation.
  • Search for attachment report in HR has been added
  • Import a file contains more than one move on the same line within timing devices card
  • Re-calculate the daily timing from date to date within files maintenance has been added
  •  Work information page has been added: includes the brunch, the department and the position as well as the application priority (low - normal - immediate) and the application status: cancelled - on the study - delayed
  • Uninstall from the employment application card, and adding a button of add employee card, when clicking and create a card, it's not possible to modify the employment application card
  • The personal interview page has been added: includes a table contains a field for the questions that have been asked in the interview and the grade field, the supervisor field who asked the question.
  • Generate an entry automatically has been added - post the entry automatically to the advance type card.
  • Applications conditions have been added (employment applications) to be able to filter on employees whom apply with employment application within employment applications report
  • The maximum purchase price - the minimum sell price has been added to the exchange rates chart.
  • Adding main fields within application card: name - father's name - last name - birth date - birth place - gender - application date
  • Adding a group of default fields: includes the default fields exists in the employment applications with the possibility of modify them
  • Adding employee card create button to generate the employee card with the possibility to open the card from the application card - cannot modify the application card after generating employee card
  • Adding customer's name within tasks report
  • Adding a group of application evaluation - adding employment application status - show the evaluation group and the application status by default (accepted - rejected - closed) within application card
  • Adding the maximum of the advance and the maximum for the number of installments.

       Exchange and Transfers System

  • Select the maximum limit for the porthole if not an admin porthole, and selecting the currency of the maximum limit and handling the changes in the exchange operation according to the specified maximum limit
  • Adding search for the deposits, like in search for transfers window
  • Adding currency move report to the exchange system
  • Adding incoming statements report to the transfers system
  • Adding sending methods card with selecting a commission for each method, percentage or value and adding the currency 
  • Adding a card to select the approximation options for each currency
  • Adding selecting the alternative payee and the relation between the sender and the payee within the outgoing transfer
  • Adding a window of showing evaluation to show the entries that have been made to the porthole from the last evaluation until the current date
  • Transactions report between portholes in Exchange system has been added
  • Adding a field within the transfers operation to be able to modify the fee percentage for the recipient side
  • Adding the following options to the transfers types: doesn't generate an entry - generate an entry automatically - post the entry automatically, and handling these options in the outgoing transfers and the incoming and the deposit
  • Activating the black list card in Transfers
  • Adding the delivery date in the incoming transfer
  • Adding transfer ages report to the transfers system
  • Adding exceeding the transfers commissions report
  • Adding transfer reason card through transfers options

We recall our Customers viewers need to take a backup of the existing fast report designs within almanara folder for fear of loss when updating the version

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