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Almanara program features with many applications on Android devices that facilitate the work of companies in various fields and also contribute to keep up with the modern means of communication, and those applications:

 Inventory system on Android devices:

Inventory system used in almanara program to carry out an inventory more easily and flexibility of all existing items in the stores.
You can download Inventory program on handheld devices google play.

Bills and entries system on Android devices:

Manara Invoice application has many features that contribute to the ease of communication between the company and affiliates and delegates can keep track of each delegate through GPRS.
You can  download  bills and entries program on handheld devices google play.

Restaurants requests by Android devices System:

Requests restaurants - Android in the almanara program is used to carry out the addition of the bills within the restaurants in more ease and flexibility and professionalism at work.
You can download POS  program on handheld devices google play.


POS Order system on Android devices:

POS Order system in Almanara program excels in easiness in dealing with variety types of bills within local/internal domain, which contributes widely to work organizing within the single Point of Sale, with the ability of dealing with all items in the store, besides to the easiness in connecting between Android devices that we should work with in POS system and the main server which includes Almanara program and the main POS.

You can download the POS Order app into the mobile devices from Google Play.

Dash board by Android devices System:

Dash board application is used in almanara program to show work previously assigned within the program in as easy and flexible and professional way.

You can download Dash board program on handheld devices google play.


After downloading any application on the mobile device appears in the beginning a certain code of the application must then communicate with the technical support department within the almanara company where the user submits the code shown on the mobile device to the technical support department for the department to send activation to enter the code to the system to be activated on the device that you want to work on it .

To mobilize request activation form  Click here.

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    Al-Manara Soft Accounting System Version 323.03
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