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Al-Manara for Accounting and Restaurant Management is completely easy to use and accurate to view, which contains all of what the user needs from command buttons (sell, return, customer, discounts, etc.) with the possibility to change the work interface as required, also organizing the work in the restaurant through connecting through Android devices between the user and the main server, and the easiness in sending orders and follow up each order status and view reports for all restaurant orders later.

The following are some features of Al-Manara for Restaurant Management:

        1. Support working on a standalone device or network.

        2.  A complete linking with Al-Manara for Accounting and Stores program, which make it easy to the accounting work and managing the financial stuff.

        3. The ability to manage many of (restaurants/branches) over main database which produces (supervision, connection, spreading) easily.

        4. Working on strong secure database (MS SQL Server) which handles the data pressure when there’re a huge number of bills, orders and customers.

        5. Multilanguage and permissions.

        6. Multi-currencies with the ability to pay with more than one currency for the same bill.

        7. The ability of manage more than one bill at the same time to not causes customer delay.

        8. The ability of determining the default price for each POS station.

        9. The ability of modifying the price directly in the POS window regarding to the permissions given to the user.

        10.  The system supports the expiration date.

        11. Fund closing when ending the shift.

        12.  The ability of query about the quantity or the price of selected item.

        13. The ability to determining the waiter and the driver for each bill.

        14. The ability to define more than one work station, and more than command buttons panel, and the ability to move between them according to the location you want to work in regarding to the permissions given to the user.

        15. The ability to link with various POS devices like touch screen, bills printers, orders printers and the price show screens with the ability of selecting the options for each connected device.

        16.   POS system has the ability to change the work interface easily:

  •  Selecting buttons for departments, groups and items with all details, a picture for each group and item.
  • The ability of selecting the favorite items in a special toolbar.
  • The ability to select unlimited command buttons in the command buttons card, where you can define the command buttons cards which can be selected in the POS station.
  • The ability of selecting the quick orders list or the daily meals.

         17.   Support multi-printers where you can use more than one printer at the same time, with selecting   the items for each printer within the kitchen sections for more easiness and time saving.

         18.   Manage and reserve tables with the possibility to adjust the tables on the hall design and reach  through selecting the table from the orders screen with the possibility to switch tables and merge  many tables with each other’s.

         19.   Show orders in the kitchen preparing window, through it, we can control and know the order      status (prepare – cook – oven – delivering – ready – etc. …).

          20.   The ability of adding a distinguish note for a specific item you can select according to the    customer’s wish, and you make use of it in make it easy to communicate between the workers in  one restaurant, you can through it tell the worker to do as in the note when preparing the order.

          21.   The ability to select group items and make output for the raw items and input the group item (in   a specific bill automatically through the selling process) and you can use it when selecting the item  compositions, to make it easy to collecting and dismantlement which saves a lot of effort on the    financial management to calculate the costs.

         22.   The program allows to make discounts or hospitality in the permissions given to the user.

         23.   The ability to automatic approximation for the bill amount in case of a comma according to the approximation mechanism which can be selected in the options.

         24.   Support paying the bill in more than one payment method and at the same time (cash – check -  credit card – credit – free) with linking of each payment method with its own account that can be selected in the payment method card.

        25.   The ability to pay out and receive through POS by payout order or receive which is linked with the accounting system.

        26.   Using Android systems which works easily when sending customers’ orders by using internal network for cashier and kitchen automatically which saves a lot of time and fast to meet the customers’ orders.

        27.   The ability to link with the phone switchboard to show the customer name and address, information about the last bill he ordered and the most ordered items for this connected customer.

        28.   The system contains many important reports:

  • Reports and statements of total and detailed accounts of selling of each POS during specific period of time.
  • Total and detailed inventory reports.
  • Item movement reports.
  • Orders list.
  • Restaurant statistics.
  • Orders movement by payment methods.

If you have any comment or needs more information, don’t hesitate to contact us or talk to the technical support team, we’re ready to receive your questions and suggestions.

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