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Transfers and Exchange System 
The Exchange and Transfers System has introduced complete solutions for exchange and transfers companies, where through this system, we can manage the company in an easy, flexible and more organized way, as well as, the easiness of dealing with all currencies, buy or sell, with the possibility of follow up the entries that are resulting from the exchange and transfers operations, also it’s a flexible and fast in sending and receiving the transfers instantly all over the world. It has many options, because of the types, thus the ability to define unlimited number of types and customize currencies and funds from type to type, which helps to get detailed reports which show the currencies movements according to specific types, also, we can customize evaluation accounts, and other many features which we can make use of through types. 
The Exchange and Transfers System in Al-Manara is a flexible and complexity free, which has the possibility of selecting more than method to calculate the transfer free, with the possibility to modify anytime, and customizing a specific fee percentage for each side, with the possibility to modify too, and all of these options can be controlled according to the user’s wish, also there are the deposits operations, and the easiness in dealing with customers’ accounts, and customers’ checks and generating the entries automatically, with the possibility of searching for a specific deposit through a special search window. 
Features of Al-Manara program for Transfers and Exchange: 
  • Full linking with Al-Manara for Accounting and Stores, thus the possibility of make use of all of the reports of accounts and currencies, and other features in the program.
  • The possibility of dealing with unlimited number of currencies with the necessity of linking each account with its currency.
  • Managing the big enterprises and mid-ones, through working with many types and determining accounts for each. 
  • A special window to search for outgoing and incoming transfers, with the possibility to filter on various data.
  • Linking the transfers system with Transfers company website, with the possibility of entering the connection to website settings through a special window.
  • Generating entries automatically and well-organized for transfers and exchange operations, pay - receive - sell - buy.
  • Many reports with many options, to be able to view specific currency movements or viewing transfer for the purpose of evaluation and reviewing continually.
  • The possibility to control the users' permissions widely, which makes the work more accurate and controlled.
  • It's easy to transfer and exchange money with one currency or more, that means you can pay and receive with different currencies.
  • The possibility of working on many branches with specific permissions for the users.
  • There is a web feature which allow the agents and branches to online transferring and follow up their balances over the web.
  • It's easy to receive a transfer from any branch or agent and with any currency other than the transfer currency.
  • It's easy to search inside the program interfaces for the outgoing, incoming or deposits from all branches and agents, which makes it easy to reach the transfers and deposits, and helps to work organizing and keep away from the random.
  • Multi-payment methods for outgoing transfers with the possibility to transfer in credit.
  • The Exchange and Transfers System has a feature of SMS, which make it easy to inform the customer of the received transfers.
  • The possibility of printing Fast Report designs for the transfers and exchange operations, as well as to print all types of reports.
  • Multilingual (Arabic, English, French, Turkish, ... etc.), which makes it a flexible program technically as for the user.  
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    Contribution of Al-Manara company team in projects exhibition of Computer Science department at Amer
  • 2016-10-07
    Al-Manara Soft Accounting System Version 323.03
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