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  • Allowance of Prices Falling
    When finishing the inventory at the end of the year, this inventory will be pricing by cost whether by FIFO, LIFO or Weighted Average according to the method that company follows. ...

     Date: 30/12/2015
     Reading No.: 297
  • Bad and Doubtful Debts
    Companies follows to depend on to sell on credit, in order to increase the sells value, and encourage the clients to buy now and pay later, according to specific fiduciary policies, which are agreed on between company and client. ...

     Date: 05/08/2014
     Reading No.: 117
  • Periodic and Perpetual Inventory System
    nventory is made manually once at the end of the period, the amount of inventory is determined periodically (usually each year) by physical count and multiply units’ number by the cost of the unit to estimate the amount of the available inventory, then this amount will be considered as a current ass...

     Date: 05/08/2014
     Reading No.: 141
  • Inventory Adjustment
    Inventory Adjustments are the practical and accounting procedures which are done at the end of the accounting period, to know the true and accurate values for the project's assets and its commitments, and also revenue and expenses, in order to reach to the real result for the project business, fr...

     Date: 05/08/2014
     Reading No.: 120
  • The Budget
    The correct planning is a tool that helps to achieve the main and sub goals, as well as achieve the balance between goals and the available possibilities, planning includes serious attempts by management side, to predict of problems that may face achieving specific goals, therefore, reaching to the ...

     Date: 04/08/2014
     Reading No.: 97
  • Pricing stock
    Considered the issues of pricing stoke from the important issues for the facility because of the importance of stock stemming from the magnitude and impact assessment stretch to more than one account and fiscal period....

     Date: 23/06/2014
     Reading No.: 455
  • Cash Flow
    The cash flow list is one of the most important chapters of the annual report explains where this list in detail the size of the cash inflows and outflows of the company, including Introduction vision so clear-cut for the safety of the financial activity of the company. ...

     Date: 12/06/2014
     Reading No.: 260
  • Cash Flow & Income Statement
    Its a report who measure the success of the work of the company for a certain period of time, as shown by the ability of the established is a measure and evaluate economic performance of the business of that period....

     Date: 09/10/2013
     Reading No.: 296

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