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Approval of the agreement:

You must agree to the terms and conditions contained in the agreement of (Terms of Use of the website). This agreement & privacy policy represent full understanding between us and Your side ,cancel all previous or contemporary  agreements, guarantees, representations, conventions related to this website and its contents and the information, or services provided through this agreement and its  theme. We may amend this Agreement at any time and from time to time without notifying you, we would publish the latest version of the Agreement on the website, you have to revise it before the use of the website.

Policy of the legitimate use of the website:

You may not use this website only in accordance with the legal terms, which is governed by, including the consideration of all laws and regulations applied inside the Syrian Arab Republic or those applicable in the place from which You log in to the website, specifically ,you must agree not to:

  • Use this Website in a way lead or likely to lead to the violation of private rights of AlManara management information system and/or third party.

  • To send, transfer, or publish any information that is harmful, indecent or distorted or illegal, or are likely to be further, or to hinder the natural flow of information in the website or through it.

  • To attempt to intervene in operating the website includes - not limited to – upload or download , transfer of damaged files or viruses ,or other harmful items, or attempt to use the programs, measures, or devices in order to intervene in the Website.

  • Any action, which might result in loading the infrastructure of the site, overloads that lead to stop the work of the Website or impact the performance of the Website.

  • Access or attempt to access the Website illegally, and include access to the site using a password or a false PIN, or an attempt to impersonate or violate the validity of authorized person to carry out any work on the Website.

Intellectual property rights:

According to what is provided in the Website, we are owners (and all of the relevant licensees) of publishing and copyright (as well as all relevant intellectual property rights, which include, for example but not limited to all the rights of the databases and registered brands and non-registered brands, marks, and service logos) and all the contents of the Website, including the organizing and planning of the website and its basic software.

  • You may print and download portions of the material on the Website of MMIS for the purpose of non-commercial use as long as these copies carry the logo of copyright rights and other rights. It is strictly forbidden to access to any part of the material on the Website of MMIS, whether through copying or redistribution, or publishing only with our written approval.

 Also you must agree not to modify or cancel any slogan of the copyright of any material copied from the Website of the company.

  • The ownership of the trademarks, logos and Services trademarks (hereinafter referred to, inter alia trade marks) that appear in the Website (whether registered or unregistered) belong to the concerned owners. There is nothing on this site that grant the license or the right to use any trademark displayed on the site without the written authorization of the owner of the brand, also it is strictly forbidden to violate or misuse any trademark that appear in the Website.

  •  Website design and contents of images and logos are the property of MMIS company.

And it is not allowed to any to use it under any circumstance.

Dismiss and restriction of the responsibility:

The information or services that are available from or through this Website ,provided "as they are" and "as available", consequently, dismiss the MMIS responsibility in all conditions for any damages, including without limitation direct damage or indirect, special, incidental, resulting, as well as, losses or expenses arising from the relation to this Website or its use, or the inability of any side to use the Website, or in relation to disability of the performance or fault, neglect, or suspending to work, failure or delay in operating,  transport or computer viruses, or disrupt the line or system, or breaching this agreement or breaching the warranty or underacting (this includes negligence) and responsibility of the products, information or, otherwise, even if you inform MMIS or the relevant representeter with the possibility of such damages or losses or expenses, and refusing this damages mentioned above is an essential component in the basis of negotiation between you and MMIS.

Privacy Policy:

The amendments, which are added from time to time to our privacy policy, is a part of this agreement.

An additional condition:

All the terms and conditions contained at any part of this Website or included in MMIS Publications represent an integral part of this Agreement.

Governing Law:

Use of this Website is subject to laws and regulations applied at the Syrian Arab Republic and explain all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement in accordance with them. 

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